Our first DAHEIM pop-up café on 8th July

We finally have found the perfect location for our first pop-up café:
DAHEIM (which means at home) will be set in one of the last original eel and pie shops at G.Kelly, 414 Bethnal Green Road for one Sunday only (but we will hopefully have repeats).My idea was to bring some typical German breakfast and lunch dishes to London but without the big beers and the loud and laddish beer house atmosphere as this isn’t really how real German cafés/delis are. My small breakfast and lunch menu includes savory Sauerkraut/mincemeat strudels, Reiberdatschi (thin röstis) with homemade graved trout, Sauerkraut and apple purée, Bircher Müsli, Flammkuchen (pizza bread topped with creme,Speck, sautéed onions and chives), Bretzl bites with sour herring and many more…it will be held in the lovely old pie shop, with white tiled walls, wooden benches, my Dad’ s old record player playing German hits (yes we did really have some) from the 60s-80s and my best friends doing their best to help me in the kitchen.


We hope to see you all there!


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