Boys & girls- here is finally our next pop-up menu…

Yippeee, we are having another DAHEIM German pop-up café:
Sunday 21.October at G.Kelly's old pie shop, 414 Bethnal Green
Road (9:30am - 3.30pm) - and this time it is Oktoberfest themed.

We will be serving roasted bread dumplings with mushrooms and meatloaf
topped with a fried egg, free range oven roast parsley chicken with 
warm potato dill salad and an Oktoberfest platter with homemade walnut 
bread, bretzl sticks, pork roast and homemade Bavarian cheeses- 
and lots of other tasty breakfast and lunch treats 
(some accompanied by a free beer).
Please remember that we just take cash and you can bring your own beer


As I am trying to bring back the nostalgia of the Oktoberfests of my
childhood, all the girls working will be wearing original Bavarian
dirndl, the cafe will be decorated with my homemade gingerbread hearts.

And yet again we wil play some old German records on my Dad's 70s record 
player (some tunes will be from an Oktoberfest band after all).

It would be lovely to have you there ...and please pass this on to your 
friends and colleagues!


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