Get ready for 2013- it’s going to be tasty!

Hallo boys & girls,

A slightly belated Happy New Year!

2013 title

We spent the first two weeks of 2013 in warm and sunny Vietnam. And yes, it’s hard to be back in the wet and cold. The funniest thing about our Vietnam trip was that we found beer halls serving sausages and sauerkraut on almost every corner. And heaps of business men drinking the hot and humid day away with big jugs of home brew beers. The sauerkraut on the menu might just be a gimmick and nobody ever really orders it but German style sausages are huge in Saigon and beyond. So, it looks like the German food love has even spread into Asia …


But don’t worry, you won’t have to travel to Asia or Germany to get your dose of good modern German home cooking. We will still be cooking and baking for you as often and as tasty as possible! And that’s not all – We promise to bring you many more German recipes and treats, some quick & easy, some a bit more time consuming for a foodie Sunday. We will even move over to the German capital for you, to give you a close up view of these Berlin kitchens….And we will introduce you to some of our new cooking crazy friends and their secret German recipes.

Until then – lots of strudel loving from DAHEIM.


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