My little German kitchen no.5: Winter warmer venison stew

All my dear foodie friends, first of all….HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY!

We might be far into February now, but the cold and snow seem to be stuck with us. I feel like I have to lure my friends back out of their Winterschlaf and get them back into life. Here is a recipe, that will bring all your friends together on a lazy Sunday- super tasty with lots of different spices and flavours and even better with a few bottles of red and some Nina Simone on the side. A lazy Sunday for your friends…but sadly not for yourself- this recipe is a marathon and takes a few hours to cook, but it will warm up your house and your friends….

stew mai baum

What you need:

1 kg venison(diced)    2 onions    1 carrot     150 g cellery     2 table spoons oil

1–2 tea spoons icing sugar     1 table spoon tomato purée

Some alcohol: 4 cl Cognac   300 ml strong red wine

750 ml chicken broth       1 bay leave   1/2 table spoon black peppercorns

5 juniper berries (softly squashed) ground coriander    5 allspice corns


1 garlic glove   1 slice ginger   1 large piece of orange peel  1 table spoon icing sugar

5 table spoons red wine vinegar  1 table spoon black/red currant jelly   salt

Pepper, freshly ground   10 g bitter chocolate  30 g cold butter


4 thin rashers of streaky bacon

How to cook it:

Wash the venison, pat dry , cutting of any veins, cutting meat into 3-4cm cubes. Cut the onions, the carrot and the celery into 1cm pieces and fry with 1 tbl spoon oil on medium heat for 2-3 minutes.  Heat the rest of the oil in a large pot, separate the meat into 2 portions, quickly fry the meat on all sides and remove from pot.

Add the icing sugar into the pot (use a sieve) and cook until  caramelized. Mix in the tomato mark and slightly let it brown. Add the cognac and the red wine gulp by gulp and let it cook in until the liquid evaporates a little. Then add the stock, your meat and the vegetables. Bring the temperature just under the boiling point. Now let your stew cook for 1 1/2 hours.

After 1 hour: Add your bay leaves, pepper corns, juniper berries, a little coriander and allspice. Let it cook for the last half hour. Then pour the sauce through a sieve ( try to press the vegetables slightly). Put the meat in a bowl on the side.

To finish your sauce: skin and cut the garlic and add with the ginger and orange peel to the sauce. In a little spice bag if you have on- you can as well use a tea egg. Bring the sauce to the boil for a few minutes on medium heat, then take the 3 ingredients out again. I know, that sounds pointless, but makes a big difference taste-wise. Mix in a little icing sugar with balsamic vinegar and add the currant jelly, salt and pepper to taste. Then break the chocolate into little bits and melt in the sauce. Add the butter to give it heaviness. Now add the meat back in until it’s heated up.

If you want to add a little salty crispness – fry the bacon, cut into cubes and sprinkle on top.

Serve with potatoes, short pasta or Spätzle and Brussels sprouts skewers.

Super tasty for a much needed cozy Sunday lunch with friends and my winter warmer favourite!

stew pic



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