My little German kitchen no.7: Deep red rhubarb beetroot soup


It is finally spring and with it come all these exciting things like first t-shirt days, summer holiday planning, BBQ Sundays and asparagus and rhubarb harvesting…well, or buying at least. To be honest, this recipe is not necessarily German…I have slightly tweaked and made this up myself because I wanted to do something other with my rhubarb than pie or a sweet dessert.

rhubarb pics

I have to admit the first attempts of this soup were sour and horrible, but it turned out super tasty once I added lots of other (strange) things. You should definitely give it a go for a dinner with friends because none will believe that it tastes rich, fresh and lovely… so you will have to convince them like I did with mine – and this is how it’s done:

Rhubarb beetroot soup (serves 6):

400g rhubarb

2 medium cooked beet roots

2-3 shallots

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

1-2 tablespoons of sugar

A little cayenne pepper

Half packet of tomato flavoured ‘cup a soup’ powder

Concentrated vegetable stock

1-1.5 litre water

Some rapeseed/cooking oil

Cut rhubarb and beetroots into 2 cm small pieces. Heat a little oil in a soup pot and add the veg. Fill up with 1 litre of boiling water and add the concentrated stock. Stir thoroughly and let cook until the vegetables have softened. Then stir and mash the rhubarb pieces slightly until mushy. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar then pour the mix into a food processor and mix until everything is liquid. Cut the shallots into small cubes and fry with a little oil. Pour the soup mix back into the pot, add the fried shallots, and a spoon of oyster sauce – taste to see how much else is needed – the half packet of tomato soup, more sugar if you want, more water to thin out, cayenne pepper – and bring back to the boil.

Then pour into bowls and garnish with a blob of crème fraiche and a few twigs of dill or leaves of wild garlic.


Guten Appetit and good luck with your friends!


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