Bye, bye London! Hallo Berlin!

It has been coming for a while: fashion magazines started showing their
favourite designers’ houses and studios next to their newest collections, books
like ‘New London Style’ and Bazaar style which feature the houses and flats of
style conscious big city dwellers are to be found on almost every
girl’s/woman’s/gay’s book shelf. Masses of interior bloggers, lead by (and all of his famous and non famous friends) of ‘The Selby is in
your place’ have been turned into alternative style icons. We flaunt over
strangers houses on, imagining our little weekend trip in their
flats….and all of this just because we recently got obsessed with peeking
behind the curtains obsessed with seeing the most intimate sides of celebrities
as well as complete strangers we all have become voyeurs of other people’s
living rooms, bed rooms and book shelves.


And it doesn’t even end here who hasn’t walked through their own tiny London
flat, glazed over their book shelf and memorabilia, or rearranged their sofa
cushions 5 times just to imagine what the rest of the world would make of it on
the glossy pages of one of these interior bibles.


You haven’t?- Well, I do on a
regular basis. Having styled house shoots for Vogue, Easy living and Elle
decoration in the past I should really know better though – plants, cushions,
flower arrangements and candles are being shipped in just for the day and half
of the household’s reality ( dirty laundry, food, dishes, pets, children,
parents) are being eliminated for the day of the shoot. Messy kids rooms turn
into posh guest rooms, abandoned gardens turned into a ‘lived in’ city oasis’
just for a few hours. The same pot plant, bowl of fruit, Diptique candle, ikat
cushion might be moved from one room set up to another and will feature again
and again which makes it pretty clear: Nobody really lives like this!


Just as models in fashion shoots don’t really look like their glossy alter egos in
magazines these model homes don’t look like this in real life either. But it’s
nice to dream and get inspired. And because we are about to pack up our entire
London flat, to set up a new life in Berlin, I wanted to see how our little East
London flat would scrap up before it’s all taken off the walls and put into boxes.

dSo, I gave this glossy make over a little whirl  – nice to see how it could all look, if we didn’t have a life and wouldn’t live it to the full…so really, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Bye bye London flat –  Hallo new Berlin apartment!



5 thoughts on “Bye, bye London! Hallo Berlin!

  1. So pretty just like you Julia,

    Best of luck in your new life in Berlin, post up pictures of your new home please!

    Much love,

    Andrea xxx

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